Plastic Random Packings

Plastic random packings are suitable for corrosive applications with low to moderate operating temperatures. They are economically more viable as compared to metal packings and less bulky as compared to ceramic random packings resulting in higher capacity and lower pressure drop.

FP-Pall Ring

  • Equivalent to pall rings
  • Good capacity and low-pressure drop
  • Versatile standard packing

FP- Cascade Ring

  • Equivalent to cascade mini ring (CMR packing)
  • Good fouling resistance
  • Low pressure drop and high capacity rating.

FP-Star Pack Packing

  • Equivalent to intalox snowflake random packing
  • Excellent capacity characteristics
  • Versatile packing for demanding applications

FP- Tellerette Packing

  • Excellent Mass and heat transfer efficiency
  • Suitable in high corrosion applications
  • Low pressure drop characteristics

FP- Super Saddle

  • Equivalent to intalox super saddle.
  • Higher capacity and lower pressure drop compared to ceramic saddles
  • Good liquid hold up characteristics.